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One important bathroom design element that should go without saying is the toilet. While most people overlook the toilet and the various options available, there are many differences between models to consider. While design is certainly a key feature to this type of fixture, the various flushing capabilities are what really cause various kinds to stand out from one another.

The Importance of Choose a High-Quality Toilet

One of the most frequently used fixtures in the entire house, toilets are not all created equal. The quality, performance, and durability can either prove to be a pro or a con in most cases. Choosing a toilet that combines high functionality with superior aesthetic appeal is the combination you are looking for. While it's weird to say, we have the experience that would make us 'toilet experts' at this point. Let our team walk you through the process of choosing your perfect option!

Styles and Options

Many people often think that various styles of toilets only exist internationally when in fact, the US provides a number of unique options you may have not considered in the past. Here are a list of toilets you could possibly decide on for your next bathroom remodel:

  • Two-Piece Toilets: these types of toilets are what most people think of when it comes to style. The two pieces are represented by a separate bowl and tank. Two-Piece options typically provide a good bang for your buck as they are often cheaper to manufacture.
  • One-Piece Toilets: as opposed to two-piece, one-piece toilets are a uniform design. These sleek toilets offer a more modern look and are easier to clean due to their lack of edges. While more pricey than the traditional two-piece options, these toilets offer good durability and longevity.
  • Wall-Mounted Toilets: these type of toilets are much more rare than the other options we have listed. Wall-Mounted (similar to wall-mounted sinks) are great when needing to save space. As you may imagine, they also require additional brackets and installation work to ensure the toilet remains attached to the wall when in use.
  • Bidet Toilets: seemingly becoming more popular in the States, bidet toilets come built in with the functionality of a bidet wrapped in a traditional style toilet. With the added functionality there is a higher cost, although they can offer a luxurious options which differentiates your bathroom.

Bathroom Toilet Considerations

A few of the main things to consider when selecting a toilet are the size and height, flushing system, water efficiency, and brand quality. 

Size & Height - while there are standard sizing options available, the differences between one size over another can be drastic. While the height itself can vary, so can the shape of the bowl. Circular bowls are typically a more cost-effective option, while oval bowls tend to be the more popular choice.

Flushing System - The amount of water and force by which a toilet flushes can differentiate which fixture you may go with. Be sure to read the differences in flushing capacities to make sure you have the right amount you are looking for.

Water Efficiency - Many toilet manufacturers have become more conscious of how much water is used per flush. For those looking to conserve water and save money on their bill each month, eco-friendly toilets offer a convenient way to do so.

Brand & Quality - Fixtures in this category can vary greatly in their build quality. That is why it's important to select a brand that you can trust and are confident will stand the test of time.

We are Westerville's Toilet Experts

With the right style, functionality, and sizing in mind, selecting the right toilet can be an easy task. Regardless of what your envisioning, our team is here to provide context and recommendations when you need them. Remodeling a bathroom is hard work and the last thing you should overlook is the toilet. Making the right decision can make a world of difference!

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